Art and the Force collide at First Friday

Written on 05/10/2024
Patrick Munsey

Star Wars Day conquers library as downtown celebrates Kokomo’s creativity

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First Friday in May served two masters. Most of downtown celebrated local artistry with a sidewalk tour filled with handmade crafts, interactive booths, and remarkable mural painting.

However, the Kokomo Howard County Public Library stepped into the role of the Rebellion, encouraging patrons to celebrate an artistic Star Wars Day. May the Fourth Be with You, indeed.

Would-be Jedis dueled each other behind Yoda masks while tinkerers cobbled together their own droids in various media. A special appearance by Finn and a snowtrooper delighted those in attendance as well.

Along Main Street, art took center stage. Mural painters set up their easels and began to create, while inside the Artworks Gallery, members of the Kokomo Symphony Orchestra provided a melodious accompaniment to the paintings on display.

As the walking tour neared the city's center, a bevy of booths featuring creations from local visionaries attracted the eyes and imaginations of passers-by.

Many of the downtown businesses also participated in the affair. The Fired Arts Studio welcomed pottery enthusiasts to decorate a selection of various ceramic pieces. And the newly opened Sunshine+Water Plant Bar featured the discordant, yet intriguing sounds of the theramin.