Taylor School Corp. makes statement on Jansen

Written on 06/25/2024
Patrick Munsey

In light of the June 23 arrest of Charles Jansen on a felony charge of Vicarious Sexual Gratification, the Taylor School Corporation issued a statement, explaining its involvement in the situation.

Taylor employed Jansen during the time that some of the alleged behavior took place between former educator and several teenaged boys.

The Lantern previously covered Jansen's arrest, as well as the allegations made and investigation launched in 2023.

Following is the statement from Taylor Superintendent Steve Dishon:

Charles Jansen, an employee of Taylor Community School Corporation (TCSC) was immediately placed on administrative leave August 22, 2011, and the Indiana State Police were notified after the district was made aware of his questionable conduct with a minor. Jansen was never allowed to return to the campus.

Following the legal due process protocol for a licensed teacher (policy # 3431) an internal investigation revealed conduct which would have resulted in immediate termination. However, because Jansen tendered his resignation on September 14, 2011, during the course of the investigation, the district was left with no additional recourse leaving it in the hands of legal authorities.

In response, however, TCSC has taken a number of proactive steps to prevent similar deplorable incidents: the superintendent reported the teacher to Indiana Department of Education’s licensing division, administration notified a potential future employer of Jansen’s behaviors and the investigation surrounding him, and multiple safeguards have been enhanced or established for the protection of our students. Those include but are not limited to:

child abuse training for all staff;

“See Something. Say Something” signage with a direct number to the superintendent’s cell phone; and

the use of apps and Google classroom to safeguard teacher-student communication.

Taylor Community Schools sincerely hopes that through all of this, the innocent victims who were abused by Jansen, or anyone else in a position of power, are provided with the help, healing and recovery time they need. Our hearts go out to those who were affected.

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