Everyone deserves a custom fishing rod

Written on 03/31/2024
Bud Fields, Outdoors with Bud

I firmly believe that everyone deserves at least one, and in my case, more than one custom-built fishing rod. Yeah, I know, I have caught fish on rather cheap fishing rods, and as bad as I hate to admit it, even a few purchased at garage sales. But the majority of those rods ended up being passed down to my grandkids and even my great-grandkids. They were not too bad for a beginning angler, but most of them were not very well built and ended up being discarded.

After I got involved with fishing on a much higher level, I wanted something that was built better and would last longer and I noticed some of the higher end fishing rods many of the other bass anglers were using. I started asking questions and actually trying some of the rods they were using.

I admit I was overwhelmed. There were so many different companies building fishing rods, and when I talked with the representatives, every one of them claimed to be the best available. I started working boat shows and fishing expos, and I got the opportunity to see and handle numerous custom-built rods. Having the chance to talk with the company owners was indeed informative.

While working the Indianapolis Boat, Sport, and Travel Show I had the pleasure of working a booth right beside a rod builder and his company. I had a few moments to spare, so I started talking with Jim Grandt. Jim is the man that owns Grandt Custom Rods and has been building rods for more than 41 years.

Through the duration of the 10-day show, I really got to know Jim and his lovely wife. Jacqueline. I told Jim I had noticed all the custom-made fishing rods he had on display, and I was somewhat interested in getting a new rod. I just couldn’t find one that I really liked.

He asked me if I had used one of his rods, and I told him I had not, but they certainly looked impressive. Jim asked me what type of fishing I do, and I told him all kinds of fishing. But I really enjoy bass fishing.

Mr. Grandt shook my hand again and invited me to follow him into his booth. He introduced me to his wife, and he reached into the huge assortment of fishing rods and handed me a really impressive rod. When I gripped that rod, it felt like a glove. It was virtually weightless.

I have rather large hands, and many of the rods I have tried just didn’t feel right. But this rod felt perfect. It was a 7-foot, All-American series, medium heavy action, and super sensitive. It was basically a casting rod with a heavier butt section for hook setting power, and the top end was somewhat flexible to prevent taking the lure away from the fish on the hook set.

It was high-percentage graphite with very durable line guides.  Jim told me all about the lifetime warranty which far exceeds other rod manufacturer’s warranties. When I left Jim’s booth to return to the Touchdown Lures booth, I knew before the show ended, I would be returning to the Grandt Custom Rods booth several times.

I even called my wife at home and told her I had found the custom rods I had been dreaming of. I was seriously considering buying one, and I believe after being married to me all these years, she pretty well figured I would come home with a new fishing rod.

The day the show ended, I made my last visit with Jim and told him I had made the decision on what I wanted. Well, I purchased three Grandt rods. I bought the 7-foot casting rod he showed me, and I also purchased a 6-foot casting rod in a medium/heavy action for tossing spinnerbaits and Pop-Rs. I also decided to purchase a 7-foot spinning rod in medium/heavy action for fishing soft plastics. They personalized each rod in gold ink “Custom Made for Bud Fields,” and that made them extra special.

Over the years, I have created a fantastic relationship with the Grandt Custom Rods family and staff. I can pick up the telephone and call him directly to place an order. I was indeed proud and honored to have been added to the Grandt Custom Rods pro staff, and I would estimate I now own around 15 Grandt Custom Rods.

I have bought my three grandsons several for their high school graduation presents, and even my wife loves to fish with my Grandt Custom Rods. I admit, she is not a hard-core bass angler, but she does love to fish. She often uses a night crawler, redworm, or bee moth with one of my Grandt spinning rods and really gives those panfish a “butt-kickin’.”  She has been known to set the hook and some bass in the retention pond at our daughter’s house.

There is just something special when you have a custom-made rod. You take additional pride in ownership, and to me it just adds a little bit more enjoyment to the fishing experiences. When you first experience the feel of a Grandt Custom Rod in your hand, it feels like it is molded to your hand and palm, and the sensitivity is beyond sensitive.

I have been using Grandt Custom Rods for probably 20 years now, and they have never failed me. I’ve had not a single issue, and I have never mistreated the rods. I have used them constantly.

I was fishing 90 to 100 bass tournaments a year for well over 10 years, and in that time span I placed several of my Grandt Custom Rods in the hands of many anglers who were very impressed.

I urge you to visit the Grandt Custom Rods booth at any number of big boat and sports shows. Take a look at what I consider to be the best custom rods available. You can also visit their website at www.grandtrods.com. Their mailing address is Grandt Industries Inc., 203 S. Highland Ave., Arlington, Ill., 60005 Or call them at 847-577-0848. Tell them Bud Fields sent you! You can thank me later.