Lumenoks a great aid for archers

Written on 05/12/2024
Bud Fields, Outdoors with Bud

LED nocks save hunters from losing expensive arrows on a hunt

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One of the most common situations an archer or bowhunter will experience is losing track of the arrow in flight as it streaks toward the target. With the speed and power of modern-day archery equipment, it has become increasingly difficult to be absolutely sure exactly where the arrow hits the target, or even worse, misses the target.

In my opinion, one of the greatest concepts to aid archers in this situation has been the Burt Coyote Lumenok.

Back in 1998, Curtis Price, president of the Burt Coyote Co., did what every skilled bowhunter has done. He missed a shot at a buck. He searched for his arrow to confirm a hit or miss, and it seemed like it took forever to find his arrow. It was a miss.

As he drove home, his mind would not stop spinning. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a nock that lit up and allowed someone to not only see the arrow in flight but also mark the location of the arrow if they missed? He discussed the idea with his brother, Eric, who suggested an LED light and a battery. The Lumenok was born.

Like any new idea, it was a trial-and-error endeavor, and after going through 17 prototypes and four years of experimentation, the Price brothers filed a patent. In 2002, they began production of the Lumenok, and by 2004, Cabela’s and Gander Mountain were carrying Lumenoks. And bowhunters were asking for them in their local archery shops.

Today, Lumenoks come in a variety of models and colors to fit almost every arrow shaft, from traditional arrows to the latest in crossbow design. It is almost certain you will be able to fit your needs.

In addition to manufacturing the Lumenok, the Burt Coyote Co. also has been supplying completed crossbow bolts with Lumenoks factory installed since 2006. With bowfishing exploding in popularity, Burt Coyote also offers fishing arrows with lighted nocks which are ideal for bowfishing at night when many of the larger fish are taken.

The Lumenok offers many advantages to archers and bowhunters alike. Obviously, being able to locate your arrow after you miss the target is a huge plus, as was at the heart of Curtis Price's original idea. But being able to easily see an arrow's path and hit the target provides invaluable information that can be used to fine-tune the next shot instantly.

The Lumenok is not a gadget, but rather a tool that millions of archers and bowhunters have found they can’t live without. The evolution continues from 1998 to today. The Lumenok has evolved to meet the needs of demanding archers and bowhunters.

Lumenoks are built by hand using the best materials available, so you can be sure you are getting the best, high-quality product that will last for years. They are made in the U.S.A., and in my opinion they are the brightest, longest-lasting, most durable lighted nock on the market.

I have personally been using Burt Coyote Lumenoks and Lumen-Arrows for well over a decade, and they have served me well. With the price of one carbon arrow equipped with an expensive broadhead exceeding $30, the Burt Coyote Lumenok also helps to locate your arrow in the event of a miss.

I have found my arrow sticking in the ground, in a tree, and in the grass and weeds several times. I have even located my downed deer by seeing the glow of the Burt Coyote Lumenok sticking out of the animal as it laid on the ground.

I recall watching the flight of my crossbow bolt as the shot was taken at a mature, gnarly eight-point buck. I shot across from one side of the ridge over the ravine to the opposite side of the ridge, and I watched the Lumen-Arrow and Lumenok.

I saw it strike the buck directly behind the front leg, and the glowing Lumenok disappeared as it penetrated both lungs and stuck in the ground. I heard the buck crash, and when I started tracking, I immediately saw the Lumenok glowing brightly, sticking in the ground. The buck ran less than 40 yards and expired. Lumenok and Lumen-Arrows saved the day!

They make Lumenoks in several different sizes and colors, such as HD orange, green, pink, and red, and they all look great. You will be impressed. They are bright, durable, and long-lasting with replaceable batteries.

Burt Coyote also makes some other great and useful products for archers and bowhunters, such as the arrow puller that warps around the arrow shaft and makes arrow removal from targets easy and safer. Ask them to send you a catalog.

You can buy Burt Coyote Co. products at many sporting goods stores and archery shops, or you can contact them at: The Burt Coyote Co., Inc. 104 N. Union St., Yates City, Ill. 61572. Tell them Bud Fields sent you! I also plan in the future to feature an "Outdoors with Bud" podcast featuring the Burt Coyote Lumenoks, Lumen-Arrows and other great products.