Outdoor Edge Knives are a must have

Written on 01/06/2024
Outdoors with Bud, by Bud Fields

One of the most difficult things an outdoors enthusiast must do is have the ability to sharpen a knife. I must confess, even after being a die-hard outdoorsman for over 60 years, I still often struggle to sharpen a knife. I have spent many hours with a stone, file, and every known device I could find and still not be satisfied with the sharpness I obtained.

Well folks, I found the cure for that.

I had the opportunity to see first-hand a dandy knife that you could actually change the blade. Yes, this is one of the best ideas I have seen come along in years. Any outdoors enthusiast, whether you are a hunter, angler, camper, trapper, or just someone who loves knives, I recommend you take a look at these products.

The product I am talking about is made by the Outdoor Edge Knives and Tool Co., and they are available in most sporting goods stores and departments. They offer quite an assortment of knives. All you need to do, instead of wasting time with a file or stone, is simply push a little button, remove the dull blade, and insert a new blade. Within seconds, you are back in business.

They offer several different sizes and have a solid handle model or a folding blade model. When you purchase a new Outdoor Edge Knife, they include a pack of six brand-new, razor-sharp blades. If you run out of blades, you can purchase a fresh pack at sporting goods stores. They not only manufacture great knives, but they also offer a full line of game processing tools, everyday carry, utility, sharpeners, saws, and accessories.

I have personally been using my Outdoor Edge Knife for about five years now, and I am completely happy with it. It is lightweight, durable, and I can normally field dress about four deer before needing to replace the blade.

The model I use is the Razorpro L 3.5” Replaceable Blade Hunting Knife. It can be folded down and carried in a durable sheath. You can get it with a black handle and black nylon sheath, or I ordered the blaze orange handle with the Kryptek camo sheath. This knife has a 3 ½”,  420J2 stainless razor blade replacement blade that is precisely heat-treated and hand-finished shaving sharp.

I can assure you, an Outdoor Edge Knife would be a welcome, appreciated gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding presents, graduation gifts, or just an appreciation gift for a friend or relative. I have gifted Outdoor Edge Knives to many of my friends and relatives for all of the listed events, and they were most appreciative and have told me many times how much they use the products.

I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Outdoor Edge Knives to anyone! I have used them myself, and I have recommended them to several of my personal friends and fellow outdoors enthusiasts. They have had nothing but positive remarks.

You can view their products at their website at: outdooredge.com or email them at: moreinfo@outdooredge.com. Their mailing address is: Outdoor Edge Knives and Tools, 1435 Garrison St., Suite 203, Lakewood, CO 80215. You can also call them at: 1-888-249-6942 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. They also are available on Facebook, X, Instagram, and YouTube.