Mt. Pisgah Lions find gold in Texas

Written on 01/16/2024
J.C. Barnett III

photo/Ty Stitts

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The Mount Pisgah Lions football organization represented the city of Kokomo well last week. They took seven young men to Desoto, Texas, to compete in the D1 Nation All American Bowl. Ages 7U and 9U athletes had an opportunity to put their skills on display in this game that saw youth from Kansas, Alabama and Oklahoma competing.

The young men who had the chance to play in this bowl game were at peak performance in the D1 Nation football league the Lions compete in during the regular season. This is fruit of all their hard work. D1 Nation league gives the Lions a look at talent from all over the Midwest in season, however the bowl game will give them a different feel. Premier talent from the deep South and the West naturally produces a different style of play and a different kind of athlete.

The players representing Mt. Pisgah on the 9U team fell a little short of the championship, but the boys in the 7U Bronze division brought home the championship on Jan. 15.

The members of the 7U D1 Nation All-American Bowl bronze division championship team from Mt. Pisgah.

Coach of the Lions Ty Stitts said, “They [the kids] get to experience something more than where they live.”

No truer statement could be made in reference to the wealth of exposure the young men of the Lions football program are receiving. Omar Daniels, coach of the Lions, emphatically talked about there being “a new day, a new era” for football in the city of Kokomo.

“God and football are good together, period,” said Daniels. “The city is growing. Times are changing, and it’s a new generation of parents that are on board with the new way of football in this city.”

The 9U D1 Nation All-Americans from Mt. Pisgah

Daniels commended the PAL organization for laying the foundation for football in the city of Kokomo, and he beautifully paid tribute to the countless men and women who helped build it.

“I truly believe every founding mother and father of the PAL program, and every long-time board member should be honored for the decades of hard work they’ve put into building their community,” said Daniels.

The central message the Lions organization wants to give is that through them there is an amazing opportunity to compete on a national level; to give who that may have never even left the city a chance to play the game they love all the way across the country. And who knows? Research shows that up to this point there have been no individuals who have ever made it to the NFL from the city of Kokomo. Maybe the Kokomo Mount Pisgah Lions organization is just the spark needed to change that.

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