The Lantern Podcast Network hits Feb. 4

Written on 01/29/2024

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Body bags, historical artifacts, hunting, and hooping. They all have something in common. Those topics will be among the many offerings on the new Kokomo Lantern Podcast Network, which launches on Feb. 4.

The Lantern is celebrating its service to the community for the past two years by giving its readers even more to enjoy. A big slate of local content on engaging topics, with new episodes dropping every week, is what Lantern readers can expect, and there will be something for just about everyone.

“We have seven shows lined up for our launch, and I am excited for everyone to watch or listen to them!” said Kokomo Lantern Publisher Patrick Munsey. “I know they’ll find a favorite in the lineup, but I really hope people try out all the podcasts. The creators and producers are putting in a lot of work to offer this to the community!”

Time is a valuable commodity. While there are people who love to listen to podcasts for hours on end, the Lantern understands tight schedules. Therefore, most of the recorded shows will run 15-30 minutes an episode. Live shows may run longer.

“We want these shows to be accessible and convenient as well as entertaining,” said Munsey. “But if it’s a really great topic, we may talk a little longer. We’ll go until the story is told.”

The podcast network’s programs will be available and easy to find for all free and paid subscribers. New episodes will be emailed each morning along with the Lantern’s regular content. You’ll get obituaries, news, and a podcast every morning.

For those who haven’t subscribed, all the podcasts will be published on the Lantern’s Facebook page and group, as well as on and on the Lantern’s YouTube channel. The pre-recorded shows will be offered in audio and video formats so you can experience them anywhere, anytime.

Sponsorship is available on the Kokomo Lantern Podcast Network and its shows. To include your business or organization in this new feature, email or call 765-210-3442.

With seven shows on the schedule, that means there is a show for every day of the week. What does that schedule look like, and what are the shows? Look no further!

SUNDAY, 7 p.m. - Wanderings and Woolgatherings

Local pop culture enthusiasts Steve Dishon and Jeremy Mundy sit down for a live conversation about music, film, comics, and all things pop culture. Music is the strong suit for the pair, and it’s not unusual for them to have up and coming artists on the show to talk about their work.

The podcast has been featured on the Kokomo Lantern’s Facebook group for more than a year, and its live broadcast will continue there. The podcasts also will be featured on the Kokomo Lantern’s Substack page and at


Tom Kelley is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a retired Kokomo Police officer, a philosopher, and a farmboy at heart. He’s also a published author, a contemplative Catholic, and an all-around good guy. Every Monday, he’ll take a little time to muse on rural life in Howard County, recount some of the more interesting moments in the history of Grissom AFB, discuss matters of faith, and maybe even share a story or two about his days on the police force.

“One of TK’s more endearing qualities is his ‘aw, shucks’ demeanor,” said Munsey. “There’s just something fun about talking with and listening to Tom. I think you’ll agree. And I’m proud to call him a friend.

“This is all new to Tom, but I think he’ll be a natural. Who knows? He might be Howard County’s Paul Harvey. We’re excited to hear his stories and commentary!”

TUESDAY – The Howard County Historical Society Presents

Do you love local history? So does the Howard County Historical Society! Every Tuesday, staff from the society will show off historical artifacts and photographs, talk about the people who made history in the community, visit locations that tell the community’s story, and answer questions from the podcast audience.

“We’re still working for a name for the show,” said Munsey. “But getting this exciting content to you was our priority. Maybe some enthusiastic listener has a fun idea for a title. In the meantime, make sure to watch or listen to the podcast!”


Have you ever wondered what really happens behind closed doors at a mortuary? What does a coroner actually do? And what have they seen? Welcome to Body Bags!

Host Jeremy Geiger of City of Firsts Cremation Service by Rose and Geiger will walk listeners through his personal experiences as a deputy coroner and mortician, explain the fascinating (and sometimes gruesome) parts of embalming and cremation, and talk about the joyful, tragic, and surprising parts of his career. There will be show and tell.

THURSDAY – Lantern Light

Kokomo Lantern founders Patrick Munsey and Ed Faunce sit down and talk about things going on in Kokomo and Howard County. They’ll talk about and interview people and organizations doing great work in the community, discuss happenings in local government and politics, and get you excited about upcoming events and activities.

“This is a conversation with the community,” said Munsey. “We want to talk about what interests you, so don’t be shy about dropping us a comment or question at . We’re going to feature some interesting people and organizations, promote things going on that you may not know about, and otherwise just have a little fun.

“We’re not going ga-ga over the latest chain store or restaurant or playing around in the mud with the gossipers. Think positive. Think local. Come stand in the Lantern Light with us!”

FRIDAY – The 1032 Podcast

J.C. Barnett III and Travis Taflinger grew up together on the basketball courts of Kokomo, and that friendship persists to this day. If you’re looking for fun, uplifting stories and memories of past Kokomo basketball success and legends, you’ll find that on The 1032 Podcast!

More than that, the pair are active in the community. Taflinger is a founder of Bridges Outreach. Barnett is an artist, mentor and instructor, and activist. If you want to feel good about the next generation of kids and young adults, they’ll give you every reason to do so. This show is a party every time!

SATURDAY – Outdoors with Bud

Bud Fields knows his way around a fishing pole. And a muzzleloader. And a camp site. For decades, Fields has enjoyed the outdoors and has amassed an impressive wealth of knowledge on fishing, hunting, camping, and otherwise enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer!

Each week, Fields will reminisce about his adventures in the woods and on lakes and will instruct viewers listeners on the tools and products that help make time in nature more enjoyable. Fields is no stranger to sharing. He was the outdoor columnist for the Kokomo Perspective and has hosted multiple outdoors shows and podcasts. And if you have questions, he’ll answer them.