What's going on here?

Written on 06/24/2024
Bud Fields, Outdoors with Bud

Things sure seem to be changing at an alarming rate. I was getting ready to shave a couple days’ growth this morning, and I walked out of the bathroom and asked my wife, "When and why did you put that picture of an old man up above the sink?"

My wife is always adding pictures, plants and decorations to the house. I must admit, I was not prepared for her answer. She looked me directly in the eyes and without stuttering, she replied, "That is not a picture. It's a mirror!" I was sure surprised!

I walked back into the bathroom and shook my head in disbelief! What is happening? Where did the young me go? The young, somewhat handsome fella who married my wife. What happened to the dark brown, thick hair that once adorned my head?

Now, I noticed a somewhat receding hairline that has since turned white, and the blue eyes that used to see perfectly have now become somewhat bloodshot and reliant on prescription glasses with bifocals to read newspapers and letters.

Golly gee whiz. I have become one of those old guys I used to laugh at.

I have noticed some difficulty getting up from what used to be a comfortable recliner chair, and I also noticed a number of aches and pains when I manage to get out of bed in the morning, especially during deer season. It seems like 4 a.m. arrives much sooner than it used to.

I have also become aware that the trip from my truck to my tree stand has gotten farther away the last couple years. And when I do manage to harvest a deer, it sure makes me appreciate the investment I made purchasing the gently used ATV that I have christened the "Critter-Getter." Adding that 2,500 lb. winch on the front has been one of my better ideas I ever had. Golly, I can remember a few years ago I was capable of carrying a 100 lb. deer up out of the ravine on my shoulders, but those days are gone!

I remember when I was working in the factory, I would see the old-timers walk by the time clocks. Their eyeglasses were steamed or frosted over from the extremely cold weather elements, and they would tilt their head back trying to locate their timecards. Guess what? I have since discovered that is not as funny as I thought it was.

When I was growing up, I was the third of five children, and I recall vividly my mother would raise her voice at whomever was doing something wrong, and she would name each and every one of us kids’ names before she called the correct one. I appreciate the fact that my wife and I only had two kids so I didn't suffer the embarrassment of going through several names before getting the correct name.

I also have noticed I maybe should have become a meteorologist because I can now predict a change of weather or incoming rainstorm by the arthritis in my neck, lower back, knees, hips, and shoulders. I tell folks, "Every time I go past a NAPA parts store, I go in and buy a new part because I know sooner or later I will be needing to replace something on my body!"

I also notice I receive more medical advertisements and life insurance ads than requests for friends from pretty ladies on Facebook. 

Yes, It is sad to see that old geezer in the mirror, but I can honestly say I have absolutely no regrets for what I have done and accomplished in my lifetime here on Earth. I have made many friends and raised a great family. And I believe I have helped a number of people along the way. I couldn’t have asked for much more.